Child Visa

Child Visitor Visa (CVV)

You can study any course, free to study any number of hours per week, at any level, for up to 6 months. You cannot extend your stay. You cannot work, volunteer, or extend your stay by applying for a new visa while you are in the UK. You must be under 18 years old.

Visa Fee

The child visitor visa application fee is currently £140.

Confirmation of Booking

We will send you a confirmation letter showing your course details, details of accommodation, the amount of money you have already paid, and the amount of money you still have to pay before you start your course. To provide you with this letter, St Andrew's College Language School requires you to complete the application process and pay the full course fee up front.

Visa Application Process

If you are from any of the countries listed below you do not have to apply in advance to obtain a child visitor visa to enter the UK. Instead you can get your passport stamped when you arrive at the airport in the UK. You will need to tell passport control that the purpose of your visit is to study and produce your 'Confirmation of Booking' letter showing your course details. You will be issued with a Child Visitor stamp in your passport.

To reduce the possibility of problems and misunderstandings when arriving at passport control, we would strongly advise that you apply for a Child Visitor Visa before leaving your own country. You can download and complete 'Application form VAF1D - Student visitor' from the UK Visas website:

You will also need to read 'VAF Guidance notes'. Please read the application form and the guidance very carefully.

In summary, when applying for your UK visa you will need to supply:

  • The completed application forms (in English using blue or black ink only)
  • Your passport
  • Your visa fee
  • A letter from the school confirming your course details, course fees, fees paid, and any accommodation booked.
  • A letter from your financial sponsor if you are not paying your own fees.
  • A letter from your parent or legal guardian stating that they agree to you travelling and living independently. This must be written in your own language.
  • A recent passport-size (45mm x 35mm) photograph in colour on a cream or light grey background, not framed, on normal photographic paper, of your full face without hat or sunglasses
  • Proof from your bank that you have enough money to cover your tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses in the UK
  • You must supply the original documents. If you do not provide the correct documentation, you will not be successful in obtaining a visa.

Child Visitor Visa Guidance

For information and advice regarding studying in the UK please see the UK Visas website or UKBA website.

These websites provide a quick guide for students that can be useful.