Young Learner Programme
Welfare & Safeguarding

We have a strict selection procedure for staff recruitment, looking carefully for qualified staff with relevant experience.

We want you to be very safe and enjoy your visit to the UK. 

From pre-arrival to departure, your safety and happiness are our priorities. 

Pre-Arrival: The Student Handbook

  • Students are sent an electronic Student Handbook (also available from our website). This tells them about their campus, members of staff, what they should bring and some useful information about British culture.

Arrival: Campus Tour

  • Students are issued with identity tags, with 24-hour emergency numbers
  • Students are introduced to the St. Andrew’s College staff (our campus staff also wear uniforms and identity tags)
  • Students are shown the important places on their campus: accommodation/laundry/canteen/staff office/classrooms/meeting points and notice boards
  • Staff share the campus rules, fire procedures, emergency numbers and introduce the ‘named’ Welfare Coordinator and First Aid staff
  • Students are given helpful tips for staying safe in the UK
  • Students are talked to about our ‘positive/good behaviour’ policy
  • Students are issued with room keys for accommodation

During: Supervision of Students

  • All students on our residential programmes are supervised by our own staff
  • During the day, students take part in supervised classes, activities and excursions
  • During the evening, students will also have a programme of supervised activities
  • Students who travel in groups will be supervised by their group leaders and residential staff at night time
  • Overnight Welfare Staff are available at night to support students and group leaders
  • All individual students on our residential courses will have an individual staff member (named person) who will ensure that they are making friends and that all their needs are looked after during their stay
  • On every campus is a Student Welfare Coordinator. This person will be friendly, and trained to help all our students. They will check that they are happy, healthy and safe

All students will have 24-hour, on campus, emergency assistance.

11 - 18